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some music [Jun. 11th, 2007|04:19 am]
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[music |Mara'akate]

Cryptorchid Chipmunk [chaotic ska-core/%%%]

  "You may think you like ska, until you hear us..." Cryptorchid Chipmunk

 Зачьотна американська банда з Morgantown, West Virginia. На всю голову іпанута і одна з моїх самих любимих. Пів року тарчю від них. Намішано всьо на купу. Голосно, різко, хаотично, оригінально і смішн0. Під них відриваються АТМ маньякі=) А текста в них вожчє%))

"Chaotic Ska-core. Lots of fast changes, overlapping melodies and counter melodies, entire genre changes from one moment to the next, complicated yet beautiful and gritty, lots of symultaineous conflicting vocal lines... um.... really fucked up ska. like Mindless Self-Indulgence meets The Aquabats meets Cryptorchid Chipmunk meets Mr. Bungle meets Cryptorchid Chipmunk. interpunk.com

Influences: The Aquabats, Catch 22, Big D and the Kids Table, The Suicide Machines, Mindless Self Indulgence, Link 80, Queen, Nofx, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Kenny G Guttermouth, Reel Big Fish, Nerf Herder, MC Chris, cryptorchid chipmunk, Johnny Cash and attention defeciznit disorder.

Cryptorchid Chipmunk - Brothel_Waffle.exe From The Past Returns Again... No, Seriously [2005]
9.89 Мb, 128 kb/s
download from iFolder.ru

Cryptorchid Chipmunk - Super Happy Fun Family Wish D [2002]
28.09 Мb, 192 kb/s
download from iFolder.ru

картінки нема

"CC was born years ago in a dark alley inside of a trash can. Together, the eight (sometimes seven, sometimes six, sometimes nine, sometimes twelve?) members huddled together in the dark and cold, struggling to survive. Eventually, after long days of anal rape and hot Carls, Agent FMF exclaimed, "Let's play music, you sick fucks! We can bring our flith out of the streets and into punk venues where people will hate us and throw trash at our feet!" Suddenly, VA-Gena replied, "But we don't know how to play instruments!" "Who cares?" General Dick Fuck Duck shouted, "We can rely on our good looks and sex prowess!" With that, the hungry bandmates crawled out of the alley, shit their pants, and started a band playing the most fucked up ska music ever created.

um... So we have these instruments, and we play 'em real loud. We like lots of different music and have really short attention spans. So we play all kinds of different stuff in rapid succession with minimal repetition (you've got a back button on your CD player, don't ya? Why should we need to play it twice, d00dzors?) We like lots of stuff going on all at once; otherwise we get real bored. At our shows, we try to model after riots and circus acts. We like people getting dropkicked, drinking pee, doing handsprings, smearing Free Pussy's blood on VA-Gena's boobies, burning pubes... We REALLY hate holding still, so, just like in the music, there's always a bunch of stuff happening all at once. We dress up in crazy costumes and have weird props we throw around (*cough* dildos)... so yeah.... um..... just listen to the CDs, cause they're good dammit..." Cryptorchid Chipmunk